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About Us

Our Story

Solbrana was founded by roofing experts who have paced the industry in solar roofing technology that is changing the standard for commercial roofing installation. Innovation is in our DNA, beginning with our leadership. With over 35 years of experience in the roofing industry, our president, Joel Stanley, holds several patents for rooftop attachment technology. All our products are sourced and manufactured in the United States.

Continuous Improvement

Our Solar Roof Solutions (SRS) bring our customers value and the opportunity to utilize renewable energy while finding ways to contribute to the green energy revolution. We always take our customers’ feedback seriously and value that feedback so we can create additional robust products and services for SRS. We’re dedicated to the continuous improvement of our products and our systems for delivering solutions to our clients.













Solbrana offers SRS products designed to provide reserve capital for profit-generating activities at competitive rates and with useful financing options to help commercial clients save money and produce renewable energy. We’re so confident that our solar roofing solutions will go above and beyond your expectations that we offer 20-or-more-year warranties on our roofing solutions. We set you up to reap all energy your solar systems produce and all local utility incentives. We use only Tier 1 contractors and equipment to build your solar roof solutions, ensuring your investment is safe.



Joel Stanley

CEO and President

Joel partners with industry leaders to produce engineered solutions to many global challenges. Joel has over 35 years of experience working with thermal plastic membranes and assisted in the production of thermal plastic film formulas. He also participated in the assembly of membranes designed to cover large open areas. Joel has developed hundreds of accessory items that work with thermal plastic membranes, the attachment of solar materials, and flashings that prevent water and air leaks at penetrations and perimeters. Throughout his career, Joel has developed and managed distribution and sales networks throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. Joel holds multiple patents involving membrane attachment products and has several other patents pending in the U.S. and beyond.


Gary Calderwood

Director of Engineering

Gary has over 25 years of experience as a Director of Sales and Engineering, and as a project engineer, and project manager. Gary was the President of Ardent Heat Sealing Company, which manufactured custom parts and materials for solar fasteners, commercial roofing, and marine industries.

Gary led a team of engineers at Item North American on more than 300 projects in 1995 ranging from conceptual design to detail engineering, construction, and procurement. He earned degrees from the University of Akron Design Engineering and the Cleveland Institute of Electronics. He is also a consultant on welding systems for thermal plastic single ply roofing materials for international clients.


Byron Loftin

Director of Sales and Marketing

A proud graduate of Texas A&M Corpus Cristi’s CCBIC entrepreneurship program. Byron has 17 years of experience in the energy sector, getting involved in HVAC, energy efficiency, lighting, renewable energy, and finance. He has founded and operated several renewable energy and emerging technology businesses. Loftin’s varying experience in sales, marketing, recruitment, operations, construction, and the energy sector allows Solbrana to serve the commercial solar roofing industry.



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