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Commercial Roofing

Strategic Financial


For commercial roofs, Solbrana gives building owners a new way to turn a traditional capital expense into a profit generating asset!

The Solbrana solution successfully integrates a commercial roof system and solar that is classified as section 48 energy property. The Solbrana SRS (Solar Roof System) revolutionizes rooftop economics with a combination of advanced engineering, green construction and generous government incentives.

Our patented commercial roof solution allows Solbrana to offer true lease financing on commercial roof systems. Our exclusive financing solutions allow property owners to recognize enhanced benefits over self-financing options.

Financial Benefits

  • New roof with no up front costs
  • Redistribute roofing budgets
  • Save capital for profit generating activities
  • Lease payments fully deductible

Facility Benefits

  • 20+ Year roof & solar warranties
  • Tier 1 contractors and equipment
  • Client receives all energy & incentives
  • Long term O&M savings

If you're in need of a new commercial roof system, Solbrana has the Solution!

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