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Commercial Roofing

Strategic Financial


For commercial roofs, Solbrana gives building owners a new way to turn a traditional capital expense into a profit generating asset!

The Solbrana solution successfully integrates a commercial roof system and solar that is classified as section 48 energy property. The Solbrana SRS (Solar Roof System) revolutionizes rooftop economics with a combination of advanced engineering, green construction and generous government incentives.

Our patent-pending, commercial roof solution allows Solbrana to offer true lease financing on commercial roof systems. Our exclusive financing solutions allow property owners to recognize enhanced benefits over self-financing options.

Financial Benefits

  • No up front costs
  • Reserve capitol for profit generating activities
  • Maximize roofing budgets
  • Expense system as an operating cost

Facility Benefits

  • 20+ Year warranties
  • Tier 1 contractors and equipment
  • Client receives all energy & local incentives
  • Long term O&M savings

If you're in need of a new commercial roof system, Solbrana has the Solution!

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